Tree Consultancy Services Across East Midlands

Tree reports are often required for:

  • Mortgage lenders and purchasers prior to completion
  • Trees that are implicated in third party damages or personal injury
  • Trees that are implicated in subsidence and heave
  • Tree safety management
  • Tree pest and tree disease management
  • Tree Surveys for Planning Applications / BS5837 Tree Surveys
 Tree Consultancy Services Across East Midlands

Different situations call for differing tree reports.

Consultancy is provided by Mr Antony D Price MArborA, Dip Arb L4 & L6 (ABC)–

a level 6 qualified, insured and experienced consultant. Areas where we have provided tree reports and decay detection are Stamford, Grantham, Melton Mowbray, Nottingham, Worksop, Doncaster, Sheffield, York, Beverley, Hull, Grimsby, Lincoln, Louth, Sleaford, Boston, King's Lynn, Norwich, Thetford, Cambridge and Peterborough.

Comprehensive Range of Tree Surveys

Castle Tree Care Ltd can provide tree surveys as part of an ongoing programme for managing trees on large sites or across multiple properties. Our services can include any or all of the following:

Initial Tree Surveys

The first round of data collection including recording trees on a plan, assigning a reference and tagging if required, plus taking measurements, assessing risk, condition, determining inspection / monitoring frequency and making remedial tree work or other management recommendations.

Scoping Tree Surveys For Large Projects

A basic tree survey carried out to inform the planning of larger projects. These tree surveys may include site mapping, tree count, species identification, quality and tagging and numbering trees where required.

Post Storm / Incident Tree Surveys

For assessing tree work or other tree management requirements to correct damage and make trees safe after storms, heavy snow, or falling branches and trees.

Scheduled / Follow-up Tree Surveys

Typically based on recommendations from a previous tree survey. These tree surveys may target specific trees, and / or build on existing tree survey data as part of an ongoing risk management plan or strategy.

Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA)

Tree safety management is a matter of limiting the risk of harm from tree failure while maintaining the benefits conferred by trees. Although it may seem counter intuitive, the condition of trees should not be the first consideration. Instead, tree managers should consider first the usage of the land on which the trees stand, and in turn this will inform the process of assessing the trees.

The Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) system applies established and accepted risk management principles to tree safety management (taken from QTRA).

Tree Survey Software

Castle Tree Care Ltd utilises mapping software supported by GIS data capture and survey hardware to provide an efficient and professional service. This equipment is then backed up by tree management software in the office allowing Castle Tree Care Ltd to provide not only the report but a record for a defensible tree system.

Tree decay detection

Using the IML PD Resistograph, we are capable of assessing the trees’ internal defects. This device provides a fast and accurate method of assessing the extent of decay on trees showing the presence of pathogen and structural issues. Cavities, although small at the surface, may extend deep within the wood to an unknown extent.

Bracket fungi found on the stem of your tree and cracks weeping liquid, indicate internal decay may be present. A tree can live with some species of fungi, and some defects, for hundreds of years, so expensive and damaging remedial works may not be required.

We have invested in this piece of equipment for our clients, to produce tangible evidence for submission to them, their insurers and tree officers alike, where a tree poses a threat of harm and to strengthen an argument to either fell, or retain a tree.

Trees and development

Where trees are situated within the vicinity of proposed development then the Local Planning Authority (LPA) will require a Tree Survey, Implication Assessment and Method Statement in accordance with British Standard 5837:2012 - Trees in relation to construction.

The use of British Standard 5837: 2012 tree surveys is now recommended to support and inform most planning applications where trees are considered an issue. To discuss your needs please give us a call or send us an email.

Castle Tree Care Ltd also supports fellow tree care services and tree surgeons by providing LOLER examinations and management plans for their access equipment such as climbing ropes, harnesses and ancillary equipment. It is strongly advised to check that this documentation is present as it is a statutory requirement that ensures operatives are working safely.

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